Item Detail: WDC-6
Name: Water Dripper
Weight: 2000g
(real volume)
780ml (ml)
C/T Number: 6
No. of cup use: 2-6
State:On sale
Item Part No: Parts NIL.

Material: Stand/propylene, Cover Packing/Silicon rubber, Cock/Brass, Filter/Stainless steel

1. Metallic filter

2.Could get wet the coffee powder
3. Metallic cock to control the water dripping.

As much as six cups of water become coffee about five hours can be made.

Item Description:

Extract the flavor coffee of drop by drop ......

  • Each drop of water extracts the flavor thoroughly from the coffee.
  • The simple design to complement your environment.
  • Metallic cock to control the water dripping.
The WDC-6 Poster
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