Skillful glass craftsmen have their own traditional "techniques"
Particular manufacturing processes to give new life to glass products
Human abilities cannot be replaced with anything
However far the science advances, it cannot surpass human abilities. In the manufacturing process of HARIO GLASS, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, there remain delicate areas where work cannot be left to machines. In manual forming, for example, new life is blown into heated glass through a blowing pole and put the basic form into a molding die.
In HARIO GLASS, large-size products that cannot be made by any machine are left to manual forming.
The instantaneous timing or delicate strength of blowing depends entirely on human five senses and experiences.
Therefore, HARIO GLASS applies Japanese traditional skills inherited among experienced craftsmen from their ancestors.
Through these particular techniques, though they may look too old, we are faithful to the foundation of the culture, which has developed by using fire.
This is the starting point of our tenderness.