We will preserve the clean air and beautiful natural forever
Pollution-free plant equipment to leave the rich natural evvironment to the subsequent generations
Effective use of clean energy
Products of HARIO GLASS are made of glass melted by about 1,600 degrees centigrade of heat in the electric melting furnace.
It was 1972 when HARIO GLASS removed smokestacks from its plants,aiming at symbiosis with the beautiful natural environment.
The success of development of Japan's first "direct-current-passage glass-melting furnace" implemented the pollution-free plant, emitting neither CO2 nor dioxins.
Introduction of electric energy, not accompanied by burning or flue gas, has caused a great change in our thoughts to preserve limited natural resources.
HARIO GLASS is carrying out production activities in the plant surrounded by the green natural environment to provide a healthy, rich life to not only the neighboring community but also all the people on the earth.