Physical-and chemical-use and industrial heat-resistant glassware to support evolution of life, and expand the domain of life-protection activities HARIO's products contributing to the advance of various fields
dot.gif (490 bytes)Heat-resistant glass has grown together with the advance of the science
"Heat-resistant glass," safety of which is appreciated highly because it is not broken by high temperature or sharp cooling, was invented in the 20th century, and has made great contribution to the development of medical, and science and chemical fields.
The area HARIO GLASS supports has rapidly extended to industrial heat-resistant glassware, which contributes to social development, such as head lenses and headlight covers for automobiles, and valves for cathode ray tubes.
What has made HARIO famous worldwide is 1st-grade hard glass "HARIO 32,"invented based on results of our many-year research and development activities.
Its chemical hardness and heat resistant exceed by far the JIS harness standard, so it is the most appropriate product for physical and chemical experiments, valued highly as world
s best hard glass.
Introduction of an online system for multi-product, small-lot-sized production allowed us to manufacture diversified heat-resistant glass products.
HARIO's physical- and chemical-use heat-resistant glassware of several thousand types, from beakers and flasks, and glassware for bio-technological experiments, is today supporting the evolution of life anywhere in the world.

Success of development of "direct-current- passage glass-melting furnace," which uses glass itself as the heating element
Heat-resistant glassware contributing to social development, from physical and chemical fields to industrial uses
Although "HARIO 32," world's highest-quality 1st-grade hard glass, has been mass-produced since 1968, the "direct-current-passage glass-melting furnace," successfully implemented by HARIO GLASS for the first time in Japan, enabled full-fledged mass-production in 1972. Glass-melting furnaces prior to this were operated with fuel oil, so plants were always full of smokes both inside and outside. Therefore, to create a safe, healthy environment, development of a glass-melting furnace to be operated with electricity was urged. The "direct-current-passage" glass-melting furnace came from a unique idea that the electric current should be passed directly into glass itself to heat the glass to 1,600 degrees centigrade to melt the glass. This "direct-current- passage" glass-melting furnace melts 20 tons of glass a day without emitting any harmful substances, such as CO2 or dioxins. Thus, clean glass production is maintained. To provide your daily life with pure, clean products without any impurities, HARIO GLASS manufactures all of the heat-resistant glass products only from main materials refined from natural minerals, such as silica, borax and boric acid. On the other hand, under the slogan "Stop the environmental hormones", HARIO GLASS started in 1998 to develop new products with only safe materials. We have launched the nipple of a baby bottle made of body-friendly materials, such as highly-heat-resistant silicon rubber and polypropylene, and heat-resistant cookware products from which no environmental hormone melts away even in microwave cooking. Thus, apart from glassware, we are ahead of the times in providing products made from severely selected materials.