Selecting materials that can always be used safely is our basic policy
Product development anticipating the era when people will be faced with problems of the environmental hormones
Healthy, safe glass materials
HARIO GLASS's heat-resistant glass products are made from main materials, such as silica, borax and boric acid refined from 100% natural minerals.
We are providing pure, clean products without any impurities, using resources from the earth, for example, "salt" to eliminate foams from glass.
Moreover, glass not finished into products is recycled again and again.
On the other hand, under the slogan "Stop the environmental hormones", HARIO GLASS started in 1998 to develop new products centering on heat-resistant glass with only safe materials.
The baby bottle is an example.
The nipple of a baby bottle is made of body-friendly materials, such as highly heat-resistant silicon rubber and polypropylene.
Our heat-resistant cookware products are in the limelight as ahead-of-the-times merchandise, because no environmental hormone melts out of heat-resistant glass cookware even in microwave cooking.
It is a wish of HARIO GLASS to hand a story about preciousness of life for children to be born in the 21st Century.
Materials of Heat-resistant Glass



Boric Acid


Nitrate Soda