Home-use products to comprehensively produce comfortable and healthy life
Home-use heat-resistant glass products made only of safe materials
For cooking with the microwave, boiling, grilling, oven, etc.
The diversified lifestyle has caused evolution in heat-resistant glassware.
HARIO's heat-resistant glass products participate actively in daily life in many ways because they are superior against heat and chemicals, such as acids and alkalinity.
The typical product is food containers that can be used in microwave cooking. These containers are made of heat-resistant glass, safety of which is appreciated among medical and chemical communities, and silicon rubber, which never emits any environmental hormones if heated in the microwave.
The container are called "cycle-ware" because they can be taken out of a refrigerator, put into a microwave, and brought to a table without re-containing a food.
Moreover, you are allowed to choose our home-use heat-resistant glass products according to your uses out of wide line-ups from a coffee siphon, tea maker, also used at restaurants, to tableware, such as the hot glass, water pitcher, decanter, and seasoning container, and handy, useful cookware.
We also provide a variety of heat-resistant glassware for easy and healthy life such as the aroma light to create a peaceful space and microcomputer-controlled brewer for herb tea and herbal medicines.

Water pitcher line

Octagon kettle


Dripping pot with a wooden neck

Multi-purpose tea kettle

Heat-resistant glassware to render elegant, relaxing teatime

Products made only from completely safe materials

Today, people enjoy various types of tea, such as oolong tea, herb tea, and mint tea in addition to black tea and green tea, according to situations. HARIO's home-use heat-resistant glassware will provide you with free, undisturbed teatime only with yourself, or a cheerful tea party with family or friends. Transparent glass-made tea servers and teacups will not only let you enjoy color of different types of tea, but also help you know the best timing to serve the tea. Please have comfortable teatime according to your taste or seasonal conditions, for example, cooled tea in summer and hot tea in winter. To provide your daily life with pure, clean products without any impurities, HARIO GLASS manufactures all of the heat-resistant glass products only from main materials refined from natural minerals, such as silica, borax and boric acid. On the other hand, under the slogan "Stop the environmental hormones", HARIO GLASS started in 1998 to develop new products with only safe materials. We have launched the nipple of a baby bottle made of body-friendly materials, such as highly-heat-resistant silicon rubber and polypropylene, and heat-resistant cookware products from which no environmental hormone melts away even in microwave cooking. Thus, apart from glassware, we are ahead of the times in providing products made from severely selected materials.