Cordless 2WAY blender

Rechargeable blender that can be used in 2 ways, blender and food processor.
You can replace the parts to use it as a blender that can make smoothies and juices, or as a food processor that can prepare food.
As it is USB charging, it can be used cordless.
USB cable (Type-C) included
Cordless 2WAY blender - ECB-1-W


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可充電攪拌機,可以兩種方式使用,攪拌機和食品加工機。 您可以更換零件,將其用作製作冰沙和果汁的攪拌機,或用作準備食物的食品加工機。 因為它是USB充電,所以可以無線使用。

Cordless 2WAY blender - ECB-1-W

Cordless 2WAY blender

Item Number: ECB-1-W
Color: Silver Size: W137 x D116 x H102mm Φ116mm
Blender set / W102 x D102 x H277mm
Food processor set / W135 x D125 x H245mm
Capacity: 400mL Weight: (including individual boxes) approx. 2000g Material: Body: Stainless steel/ABS resin/polypropylene/silicone rubber
Blender bottle: PCT resin
Cutter unit for blender: stainless steel/nylon
Blender bottle for portable
Lid: polypropylene
Processor bowl: soda glass/stainless steel
Anti-slip for processor bowl: silicone rubber
Processor cutter unit: stainless steel/polyacetal resin
Lid for processor bowl: AS resin/silicone rubber
Made in China

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