Pegasus Coffee Dripper 03

Easy and delicious even for first timers.
"Pegasus Dripper" supports the first step of hand dripping

A trapezoidal coffee dripper with two small holes and spiral ribs, aimed at hand drip beginners.
A memory is set in the dripper so that you can easily measure the coffee powder.
The spiral ribs and two small holes make it easier for the coffee to expand and improve taste reproducibility.
In addition, the shape of the bottle is designed to allow you to place a dripper on your own bottle, and there is a hole that allows you to see the amount of finished coffee at a glance, making it suitable for coffee beginners and their daily lives.

Compatible paper filters
Pegasus Coffee Paper Filter 03 W 100 sheets (white) - PEF-03-100W
Pegasus Coffee Paper Filter 03 M 100 sheets (Misarashi) - PEF-03-100M

Pegasus Coffee Dripper


Pegasus Coffee Dripper 03 - PED-03-T image1
Pegasus Coffee Dripper 03 - PED-03-T image2
Pegasus Coffee Paper Filter 03M 100 sheets
Pegasus Coffee Paper Filter 03W 100 sheets


- 螺旋肋骨形狀與底部兩個小孔設計,能夠緊密的貼合濾紙與濾杯,防止空氣跑出,咖啡粉緊密的膨脹,兩個小孔能夠簡易提高風味的再現性。
- 杯上附有咖啡粉的基準,不需要咖啡匙,上面清楚明瞭咖啡粉的劑量。
- 濾杯底座的小孔能夠清楚看見濾出的咖啡量。
- 這款濾杯適用於大部分的水壺,都能夠去作為下壺使用。
- 拿取方便的握把設計,需搭配專用的梯形濾紙。

Pegasus Coffee 原色台型濾紙 03 - PEF-03-100M
Pegasus Coffee 白色台型濾紙 03 - PEF-03-100W
Pegasus Coffee Dripper 03 - PED-03-T

Pegasus Coffee Dripper 03

Item Number: PED-03-T
Color: Transparent Size: W151 x D134 x H113mm Capacity: 4-7 cups Weight: approx. 146g Material: Dripper / AS Resin COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: JAPAN hotwaterdishwasher

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