Social activities to extend the network of happiness through various cultural exchanges
Bonds of friend ship with local communities
To co-exist with the green, beautiful environment, we want to develop cultural exchanges with people in neighboring communities.
Under a slogan "Contribution to local communities, HARIO GLASS is carrying out positive activities is various fields, such as cultural assistance, education, international exchanges and social work.
Our company is making corporate-wide efforts in cultural activities, as part of philanthropy, opening "HARIO GLASS Crafts Class" to let people experience creating their original glass arts, and sponsoring a variety of cultural events.
HARIO GLASS wants to make people worldwide happy through diversified social-contribution activities.

"HARIO GLASS Crafts Class"  letting people experience Japan's traditional glass working

Studio dedicated to "HARIO GLASS Crafts Class" used by many local people


"HARIO GLASS Crafts Class" participating in the spread of Japan's traditional culture
Shibata Group aiming at further development of local community.
It is a duty for a business to let people in neighboring communities know what products the business manufactures from what materials. For this purpose, it is essential to establish friendly relationships with the people. HARIO GLASS opened "HARIO GLASS Crafts Class" on the premise of the Koga Plant to spread Japan's traditional culture, as part of our social contribution activities. This class teachers many traditional glass-work techniques on a step-by-step basis, starting with manual forming, in which a person below breath into heated glass through a blowing pole, to creation of learner's original-design teacups and sake cups, as well as free coloring, picturing and material compounding. The Shibata Group led by "HARIO GLASS Co., Ltd." includes five affiliated companies: "Shibata Hario Glass Co., Ltd." Engaged in production and sales of and development, "Shibata Kagaku Co., Ltd." engaged in production and sales of physical-, chemical and medical-use glass product, "Shibason Inc." engaged in production and sales of glass valves for cathode-ray tubes, and "HARIO Distribution Center" engaged in physical distribution. The Shibata Group consolidates its member-companies' expertise in providing excellent, useful products, as well as positively supporting various cultural activities to contribute to further development of local communities.