We are aiming at manufacturing high-quality products through better partnerships
Marketing systems reflecting ideas from each department
Unique product-development-supporting system created by HARIO GLASS
Close relationships between the sales department and development department are our backbone in producing excellent products.
Process from planning, development to sales of HARIO GLASS's home-use heat-resistant glassware are supported by a unique product-development-supporting system called FMS (Father and Mother system).
Assuming a product as a child, we allocate a special domain to each product; the Father side is in charge of processes from sales planning to order placement, and the Mother side processes from product planning to designing.
We have assigned specialists to each department, and established a system to develop and sell products based on ideas and proposals presented by various departments.
Each of our high-quality product is a result of functional harmonization of the better partnerships between the Father and Mother sides.In the future we will promote attractive marketing activities by precisely analyzing various pieces of information.