Dream and comfort to your daily life-80-year old HARIO GLASS
Sincerity breeds reliability, and reliability breeds tradition.

We have lived through years when people began reviewing their rich life and asking themselves how a life should be.
People also began thinking seriously the symbiotic relationships with nature, and the environmental issues have increasingly been highlighted.
Under these circumstances, we have proposed various heat-resistant glass products, as gifts from nature in the 20th Century, from the unique viewpoint, and we have made rapid progress keeping step with the passage of time.
When we look back, we found our 80-year history with accumulated reliability.
We hope to pursue more deeply the meaning of life with the symbiotic relationship and the harmony with nature based on this most precious property.
So far, and from now on.
We, HARIO GLASS, will keep believing in the potentiality without being carried away by the wave of time.
We always think people are able to be gentler to the Earth.
We use only 100% pure and natural earth resources as raw materials.
We use only clean electric energy in our production process.
In our products, the warm partnership between human beings and computers is established.
We are looking ahead of the human beings and the environment with beautiful brilliance of
"heat -resistant glass."